Yellow cartridge not original


This is the message after I tried, unsuccessfully, to reset the yellow chip.
Same story with the chip of the broken cartridge.
The resetter after the red flashes dose not stop with greens.
After a refill the chip VM started to give the same problem but it si sill “original”




I will try to better explain the problem.

From the start the resetter first flash red and then green but the green light never stay solid.
I’ve the same problem with the chip of the other yellow cart you sent me (the doa one).
Also the printer tell me that the cartridge is not original.

And now, after the first refill, the vivid light magenta (and not VM) start to give the same problems.

All the other cartridges seems to work properly until now.

Of course the resetter work perfectly with the others cartridges, original and not.

Best regards,

It sounds like you may have actually had a faulty yellow chip and your resetter became confused and went into lock-out. You can reset your resetter by removing the battery inside and re-installing. To do this, you need to pull up the label on the outside of the resetter, remove the tiny screws and pull out and re-insert one of the batteries inside the resetter.

After you reset your resetter, do NOT use it on the “bad/faulty” cartridge, use it on the replacement yellow and the VLM cart.

Thank you Kelly for your prompt response.

Yes, I’ve not one but two yellow faulty chip! And one vlm soon faulty chip…

I’ve resetted the resetter (the batteries are good) and checked with an original chip without problems, then i’ve tried to reset the yellow chip but it didn’t work.
I’ve repeated the whole procedure and resetted the other yellow chip but again without success.
The Vivid Light Magenta chip give me error too.
I think that the chips are bad.


If you plan to send me the replacement chips please contact me because i want to buy a full backup set

Hi Roberto, I find it hard to believe you would have 2 faulty yellow chips in a row and now a faulty VLM chip as well. It is still unclear to me how you ended up here at this junction. Please answer the following questions for me, in detail

1.Where you successfully printing with the 1st yellow cartridge until it was empty, at which point you removed and refilled and tried to reset this chip?
2.Did you re-install the OEM yellow cartridge to verify operation of the chip read sensor in the printer?
3.Did you install the replacement yellow cartridge into the slot before testing the OEM cartridge?

I need more information to diagnose this concern, please answer the above questions.
Thank you, Kelly

Hi Kelly, if for you is hard to believe for me is unbelievable.

  1. The new Y cartridge was not working at all from the start. I’ve switched the chip with the one from the broken Y cartridge. This chip give me a different error: Cartridge not original. But allow me to print anyway.

  2. Obviously this was the first check. With the original cartridge all work perfectly.

  3. no problem with the OEM cartridge.

On top of that, after the first refill the VLM cartridge start to give me problems and now I can’t reset the chip of this cartridge too.

I’ve tried to reset those problematic chips with another resetter without succes.

For now all the others cartriges are working well.

I will send a link to a video in pm.

Tank you,

Can’t sent PMs to you,
how can I do?


Hi Roberto, I watched your video and I now understand what you were explaining. One thing that is a mystery to me, is why did we send you a replacement Yellow cartridge already, it looks like Wells put the sales order together as a Replacement? Was there something wrong with the fit of that cartridge?

I will send you replacement Yellow & VLM chips in the mail today, I am not convinced it’s going to solve your concern, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

DO not let your cartridges run OUT, refill and reset at 15% ink levels and this may avoid this type of scenario in the future. I see you have other colors that are starting to get down there, so pull them out, refill and reset them before they run out.


I watched your video again to see if I could pin point any user errors. I believe you may not be lining your resetter up accurately on the Refill cartridges. You have to be dead accurate with the chip resetter prongs and the chip contacts. When watching you it looks as though you are in a hurry, try to take your time and really line up the contacts. The chip resetter fits the OEM cartridge exactly and lines up every time, but the Refill cartridges have a bit of a plastic rail on the front that prevents the resetter from being lined up exactly without careful usage.

Please try your resetter again on the VLM or Y chip and take your time to really try to get the contacts lined up accurately, it may work!

Hi Kelly,
The first cartridge arrived damaged.
Thank you for the replacement chips.
I tried many times.
From what I understand, if, the chip and the resetter are misaligned the sequence doesn’t start. Here, the problem is the end of the sequence (doesn’t stop with greens)
and it’s confirmed from 9900 that gives error.

Thanks again for chips



That is not exactly true, we have seen the sequence not finish with a solid green light, not resetting the cartridge completely when it’s not aligned accurately. The resetter is known to be good because you can use it on the OEM chips, if you receive the chips and it doesn’t resolve this concern then I would suspect the resetter and the chip is not lined up 100% causing the resetter to not complete it’s function.

Dear Kelly

I am happy to inform you that the chips arrived yesterday and already at work.
No problem with the resetter.
Thank you very much for the support.

regards Roberto

P.S. I’ll keep my fingers crossed anyway

Hi Roberto,

That’s great news, thank you for letting me know! I hope the new chips continue to behave for you.


Hi kelly
Bad news!
After a refill in the yellow started again as before! Cartridge not original etc…
We have to change it
Tell me where and how I can send you back the bad chip
The VLM dose strange things I went to fill the cartridge when it marked 17% but the ink was still at 75%

regards Roberto

Hi Roberto,

This is very unusual for 3 chips in a row to be faulty, especially since you had a successful run with the replacement, then once you tried to reset with the resetter it went bad again. It sounds like one of 2 scenario’s are happening
1.You have a faulty resetter that is shorting out chips
2.You are not aligning the resetter accurately with your chip causing the reset sequence to complete

This is what I am going to do, I am going to send you a replacement resetter and VLM & Yellow chip. PLEASE send me the current resetter and VLM & the 3 yellow chips if you still have them so I can test them here to verify. If I can verify the resetter & all 4 of the chips are in fact faulty, then we will need to explore more options that could be causing this problem for you, such as humidity levels or temps of your studio.

I am issuing an RMA for these items, you will receive and email with instructions for return. In exchange I will have the replacements shipped out to you.


Hi Kelly

1.You have a faulty resetter that is shorting out chips

Ok may be. Why only the yellow?(No problems on other cartridges)
Anyway I bought a new (resetter) 5 min ago from

2.You are not aligning the resetter accurately with your chip causing the reset
sequence to complete.

Ok may be. But Again no problems on other cartridges
If it is a problem of misalignment.
If you want I can take a test:
I can try to put Y yellow chip on a cartridge that does not give problems to see if works…

regards Roberto

Hi Roberto,

If you already purchased a resetter and you have other chips you can test it on, then I will hold this replacement order until you report back to us what your results are. Please try the following:

-Remove Yellow chip and install on a different color cartridge to test your original resetter for function with the Y chip
-If it doesn’t work with the original resetter, then try the new resetter
-If you get a solid green light at the end of the sequence using the new resetter on the yellow chip installed on a different color cartridge, then re-install the yellow chip back onto the previous yellow cartridge and test the resetter

You might also try removing the guide from the resetter and using your vision to carefully line up the resetter to chip on the cartridge, it may be a fit issue between the chip, cartridge and resetter on this Y cartridge.

Please let me know the outcome of your testing - Thank you kindly, Kelly

hi Kelly
With the old, nothing has changed
The new resetter arrives next week
then I’ll let you know
regards Roberto

Hi Kelly,
Bad news, with the new resetter nothing has changed, everything as before.
After a refill LC also started to do like VLM but this time I was using the new resetter. (no solid green and no way to reset the cartridge)
regards Roberto