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Open Discussion

This is our Open Public Forum for people who are not yet InkjetMall Customers and who have a general question about Piezography or any other of our products that they need answered before buying. This is also a general discussion forum that could end up splitting into sub-forums if we see that it’s really useful to people in general. Feel free to ask some technical questions, or post nozzle checks if you think PiezoFlush may help your printer but want to verify with the R&D experts at InkjetMall first.

InkjetMall Customer Support

In this forum, Registered InkjetMall Customers can post questions about all InkjetMall Products. Non-registered users who have not requested access will be able to view but no post.


Create topics here that don’t fit into any other existing category.


Printers For Sale or Free

Use this category if you have an Epson printer that you would like to sell. Of particular interest to Piezography users (who may buy said pinter) are printers that have perfectly working nozzles and one or two channels missing. Piezography only needs 6 channels at minimum to make proper matte prints so many users of the ink have been able to give their printers new life. Freebies are also always accepted! List your printer here and it will be seen.


This is where we post documents on how to do specific things with InkjetMall products. These are general "how tos" that we've written up in response to questions that originate in the forum.

Site Status & Help

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Product Updates, News, & Happenings

For those who want to promote their Piezography workshop, or start a meet-up in their local region, post here. This is one of the places we update people on products, software, inks, and support. The other main place is at our newsletter. You can subscribe to that at the bottom of any page at