Switching to new Ultra Black Photo in 9890

I use ConeColor inks, and generally print only using Photo Black. (I use Piezography and another printer for B&W work.)
I just decided to swap my PhotoBlack ink for your new Ultra version (having seen what an amazing different is had in Piezography, with the equivalent change.)

Fine… but now I need to clear the old photo ink from the line, and flush it to the new Ultra. I realize there is the old “initial fill” technique, but then this occurred to me: why not just do a switch to matte ink, then back to (the new ultra) photo ink. Wouldn’t that fill the PK line with the new ink and avoid the waste of an initial fill?

You don’t need to waste ink with InitFill.

Simply take the old ink out of the cartridge and put the new ink in. (If it’s PK to PK-HD this is fine).

If you are going from PK-HD to UltraHD-MK (matte black) you need a new cartridge but you will then simply use the PK chip in that new cartridge so your printer doesn’t freak out.

You can purge with QTR. Here’s instructions: How To Flush Individual Channel using QTR Calibration Mode


Thanks for the prompt response, Walker. I realized that I misspoke: it’s PK-HD, not “ultra”. I was on my way back here to correct it, but you beat me to it. When I ordered the new PK-HD, I was under the impression that a new cartridge was needed. (That is, the instructions were not clear to me that the new cart was only needed for matte ink. Hardly a big expense, but it could be more clearly expressed.)

Also long-time familiar with the QTR technique. Built my own single-ink prints some years ago…

So: everything is good, and I’ll get to re-profiling today.

(Still, I’m curious: would that swap-inks idea have worked?)

Thanks again.

the swap inks would work but would waste a line of ink in the process and also entail pulling many carts and putting them back all at once which is always a little risky.

OK… sorry to eat up so much of your time, but I’m suggesting just hitting the button that switches from MK to PK on a 9890. So I’m unclear what you mean by: “…and also entail pulling many carts and putting them back all at once which is always a little risky.” Switching between PK and MK doesn’t involve pulling any carts at all. (That said, I do see that I neglected to mention my printer model earlier.)

Yes: it will clear the line, but I assumed (perhaps I’m wrong) that the new HD-PK is darker (blacker) than the old PK (else why did I buy it?) and that would change pretty much change everything, including requiring remaking my profiles. If that’s the case then the line of old PK needs to be cleared before profiling can begin.

Or am I failing to grasp some elementary point here about the new ink?

So sorry. You are on 9890. My lysdexia kicked in and I read it as 9880.

Switching between Ks on this printer only uses a tiny amount of ink (not the whole line).


Aha! I see: it switches at the head, so my original idea falls flat. So I still need to clear that PK line to fill it with HD-PK, and I’ll just use the QTR technique to do that.

Thanks for your time and patience, Walker.