Switch to Pro Inks

Hi Rafael,

This is for the K7 system but maybe it works for the Pro too. I haven’t seen anything different specifically for Pro inks. The printer doesn’t know or care what is in the carts so I don’t see why it would be different. You may need to reinstall the Quad-K7 printer if you’ve deleted it, though I don’t think the Quad-Pro printer will be different in Calibration Mode.

  1. Open the 8-channel flush image in PrintTool
  2. Be sure your QUAD… K7 printer is selected in the Printer list.
  3. Select the paper size
  4. Resize and center image if necessary
  5. Be sure Print Color Management is set to No Color Management
  6. Click Run Print
  7. In the QuadToneRIP setup menu set Mode to QuadTOneRIP Calibration
  8. For coated paper leave Calibration Ink Limit at 100; for plain paper set it to 50
  9. Select relevant paper feed
  10. Resolution: 1440
  11. Speed: doesn’t matter
  12. Black Ink: Installed
  13. Click Print

To your other questions:

  1. Curves are not relevant in Calibration Mode.
  2. All channels will be purged equally.
  3. Maybe, but this is redundant if you run enough purge pages to flush out the ink that is currently in the lines.

Alternatively, you could run an Initial Fill if your printer has that function.

Hope this helps,

Hello. I received my Pro inks and easily installed them. I’ve asked a question or two prior, and understand my options if I do not flush out the K7s. Running a 7890, I am planning to print until the new inks fill. With that said, I do have a few more questions.

  1. As I print to flush out the old inks, I presume I should use the split curves to make sure all lines are being used equally? Is there a best split setting for this?

  2. Running matte and gloss, should I suppose I should be making matte and gloss prints to run the matte and gloss channels?

  3. Perhaps one Power cleaning or a series of regular cleanings would be best to ensure I use all channels and get to the new inks?

Any direction would be appreciated. I did download the QTR 8 channel flush chart, how do I use that properly? Again, I do have matte and gloss.

Thank you.


Use purge sheets: How To Flush Individual Channel using QTR Calibration Mode

Very kind of you to take the time Keith, thank you so much. Raphael

Hello, I’m sorry, I’m not understanding this. And I still have the questions above. Thank you.