SureColor P800 set up

I recently got the P800. I ran the Epson inks to test it out. Perfect. I then installed My Piezography Special Edition inks with HD Matte Black and HD Photo Black. I used the Piezography P2 ink placement and curves. I am using matte paper. On the printer I switched from default Photo Black to Matte Black. I am using the chipless solution. After a number of great looking prints I checked the ink levels. The matte black was full but the photo black was half empty. On the printer, I switched from Matte Black back to the default Photo Black. Now it is using the Piezoflush (printing pink) in the second cartridge position instead of Matte Black.Ink placement chart P800

If you have installed PK in the Yellow channel make sure you are using the correct P2 Curves. These are found (on Mac) in /Applications/Piezography/Curves-HD/P800-P2

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Hi Walker, Thanks for your prompt reply. I believe I have everything set up properlyScreen Shot 2020-08-10 at 6.59.38 PM

Yep. Because this is. UHD ultra hd matte black curve, you need to set your printer to Matte Black for this curve to work.


Yes. That was how I had it set. The prints looked good but when I checked the carts to see if needed to refill I found that the HD photo Black in the yellow, far right position was half empty and the UltraHD Matte Black in the Matte Black, far left position was completely full. So it appears to me that it is using the HD photo Black ink for Matte prints.

Not sure why it is the way it is but curve is fine.

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Screen Recording 2020-08-10 at 8.30.41 PM.mp4 (3.8 MB)

Is there a way to ascertain when using this curve where the ink is actually being drawn from?

Yes, the black is coming from the black channel. If you are set to PK on your printer it will print flush, MK it will print MK.

If this was a P2 gloss curve you would see Yellow all the way to the right.


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