Supported Papers


I notice that Awagami Bamboo, Bizan and Kozo are among the list of supported papers, but I’m unable to find the curves associated with the Piezography Pro ink set for the Epson 4880. Are these curves available?

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John Powers

Right here: Piezo Pro and Awagami Papers

Coming in the next update to the community edition.

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Hi Walker

Thank you for the fast reply. I dropped the curves into Applications/Piezography/Curves for my printer model and ran the Install 4880-Pro.command within that folder but was denied permission for those Awagami curves. I then ran the Quad4880-Pro.pkg that resides in Printer_installers folder and was successful in installing the curves. Is this the correct procedure as it seems different than what the Instruction article dated Feb. 15th instructs.


Oops. Looks like the article was updated by Dana in April of 2015, not Feb. 15th.