Piezo Pro and Awagami Papers

So I have received the sampler pack of Awagami papers to “try” with Piezo Pro inks in my P600. I also received the Misubishi film pack you sell. The Community Edition does not seem to have curves for these papers, but I see that the site does. I’m not sure how to download these and whether they would work in a P600. Can you please clarify my next steps? Fairly, I’m not sure about all the subfolders under the curves, but didn’t see anything there per se either. Even if the solution is simply to recommend that I call support - even paid support, I’m just unclear. Thanks!

The awagami’s are in development. I do believe I gave everyone a set of beta curves at the workshop that you had here skip (these should be on your desktop Piezography for Mac folder). I will publish them here as well:

x8xx_Pro_Awa-and-Uncoated.zip (16.8 KB)

These are for x8xx Pro ink printers for uncoated awagami and coated awagami.


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Thanks! Maybe the issue lies with my using a Wintel PC machine? rather than a MAC? Sounds like you’re making a good case to attend a workshop here and there… if I can squeeze it in. :wink: Someday…definitely!!!

Will unzip and take a look… but I can be patient for the PC version, too. Thanks Walker! Very much appreciate your continued work here. These are in fact beautiful papers…if we can get the right amount of ink deposited. Perhaps.

Best, Skip