Stylus pro 9880 maintenance tank

I did a cleaning with piezo flush cartridges and now attempting to do INIT FILL with my original Epson Inks installed. The INIT FILL cycle starts, but aborts. When I restart I get replace cartridge message, though they don’t seem empty.

Now I am getting a maintenance tank full message and cannot get past that screen, though I’ve replaced the tank with brand new unused one.

Any help? The lines are still filled with Piezo flush … what is the correct procedure for using inks again? I thought from reading that it was INIT FILL.

Initial fill procedures require all ink cartridges to read at least above the half-full/ready mark (including the maintenance tank).

You need a chip resetter or a new maintenance tank to get past the MT error and you need to ensure that your cartridge’s chips are not reading too low. if they are then you need to either reset the chips and manually ensure that the ink carts actually have enough ink to do a fill (60+mL) or you need new Epson OEM carts.


Thanks … I have a new maintenance tank. Bought two for this procedure. If I place all new cartridges in (full) and two new maintenance tanks, is there a chance the machine will start without the maint tank error?

OK, got past the MT error, installed all inks to at least 70%. Trying INIT FILL again.

The right maint tank bar still reads as full (black?) on the machine panel.

Hey Walker. Got past the MT error, two new maint tanks, replaced all ink cartridges to at least 70-80% full (all OEM) … INIT fill cycle got through ink Charging phase, then read INIT FILL and spit up following code:


any help?

You have a pressure leak with one of your Epson cartridges or one of your ink lines tubes.


Solution outside of service call ?

If you still have the bag of black O-rings that came with your IJM carts you can fit these over the pressure inlet areas of your OEM carts and this will fix the issue.


Thanks, Walker, I’ll give it a shot.

Just checked. Doesn’t appear I received any O-rings, and in fact the carts we received don’t look like either of the pictures in the instruction doc that came with it, but I had called and spoke to Wells at IJM who assured me after looking at the order that they were correct. INIT FILL with Piezo flush appeared to work fine, nozzle check with flush still in lines after sitting 48 hours, no errors, so this is all a new issue on trying to get “back on line” with the inks.

Hi Walker … still down here with the StylusPro 9880. I understand you are in a workshop today but was instructed to email, as I attempted to sign on for phone support but the web site is not accepting the email and password I created, and if I try to register tells me my account is already set up.

Hoping to find a resolution to this pressure leak you mentioned with the 00010027 error.

I did not receive O-rings with the kit, not sure whether I need to order anything, but losing days of work over here, so any workable solutions welcomed in a timely manner.


We’re getting you out a bag of O-rings. Sit tight, in the mail.


Much appreciated, thanks. Hoping that’s all I need. Will confirm on receipt. Just slip them over what’s already there on the cart, I presume ?

Yep. Slip over the pressure inlet tube.


Last piece of info re: previous concerns - the air in feed tubes is not a lot, but small bubbles. The tubes still contain Piezo flush, so where is all the ink that I tried to do FILL with? Nozzle check performed, head moved, but no marks on paper at all, of either ink or flush.

This is because you have an air pressure issue (so there was no ink going through the lines).

You’ll want to rest your chips, pit o-rings on the air inlet stems, and then it should work.


Guess that means I need to order chip re-setter? Separate ones for ink and maint tanks?

If so I’ll order pronto.

and what exactly is air inlet stem? googled it, don’t see … the circular piece on the cart which goes INTO the cartridge slot (already appears to have a black o-ring in there)

follow up to this is do I no need to re-use these o-ring each time I change an ink cart, or is this a one time move to clear air from lines?

thanks, and your patient replies are appreciated … repeat, I use the machine, never worked on one, learning as I go … thank you

For those reading thread: All squared by a quick phone call.