Stylus pro 9880 maintenance tank

HI Walker:

Just received the resetter, rings due in tomorrow’s mail re: Cathy.

I was able to reset one of the old maintenance boxes to green, but can’t get results on ink cartridges. Will they only reset at a certain level, or should I be able to reset all that I put in 9880 when I attempted INIT FILL?

Tried the reset on one that is close to full, and another closer to empty (my assessment by weight) … got flashing red but no green, and subsequent to that now contact produces no light from bulb whatsoever.

You miss-aligned the contacts when you did the cartridge reset. It’s very important to properly align the contacts.


Thank you. I had watched that video previously, wasn’t aware how critical placement was.

Got green light, appreciated.

RE-watched the vid, was able to re-set a couple of carts, and they now show full on panel, good news.

One cart, position 4, light black, will not go green, it is one of the new carts I opened to try INIT FILL, definitely heavy and filled with ink, resetter light remains red and panel shows cartridge error.

Is the chip bad (according to instruction sheet with resetter) and if so, can I pull a chip from another empty cart (of another ink color) and replace/reset?

Trying to be proactive and get all carts with proper levels reset so that I can apply o-rings on arrival tomorrow and hopefully do successful INIT FILL. The only other cartridge I have on hand for this color may not have enough ink in it for the FILL, though it reads OK on panel

You can use any other chip besides the PK or MK chip. (9880 chips are interchangeable). It may through you a Non-Genuine error but just hit pause and it will work.


If you switch chips CAREFUL to make sure the chip is secure. If you put a cartridge into this particular model of printer without a secure chip it will bend a sensor wire

Great, will do. Hoping to not have to mess with chips at all.

Here’s an addendum and follow up question. All info greatly appreciated:

There’s a definite “feel” to using the resetter. Finally got green lights and all ink bars showing as full on panel. Here’s the question:

When you reset the cart chip, does it reset to show full regardless of ink in cart, or reset to show actual level? I was opening new cartridges in that panicked attempt to do INIT FILL, so am only guessing by how heavy they feel. In other words, is it possible to have the panel showing as full, but then repeat the pulling of air due to not enough ink actually in the cartridge?

I feel like I have enough in all cartridges at present so that when the o-rings arrive I will apply and try the fill.

Last, not least … is there any sense now that all are reset in attempting INIT FILL?

Or are the o-rings critical?

Prepared to wait, just thinking out loud, learning.

Thanks again for all.

The last time you did an init fill without o-Rings you got no ink through your head. I would say they are pretty critical . . . .


As I surmised. Thank you.

Received o-rings - all carts/tanks re-set - rings installed as directed

INIT FILL - ink charge 90% - same service error

Tried again … charge goes to 99% back to INIT FILL screen - ink light flashing … don’t know whether to leave or press button(s)

Powered down, back up - maint tank full nearly full message (the brand new tank again, no ink at all on white pads) - now all ink levels on panel reading approx 70% yet no ink to lines, still filled with piezo … when I removed a cart earlier to check level after putting o-rings on the ring fell off in back of machine, had to carefully remove … kind of reluctant now to remove carts …

frustrated, full week of work behind

Can’t get green re-set on new maint tank, light stays red … can’t get past maint tank nearly full error on panel

The carts and o-rings are only the easiest first step in figuring out pressure problems: meaning, if the o-rings did not fix the pressure leak than it’s coming from a tube somewhere else. Most likely (considering your events here) the pressure assembly is damaged in some other way.

This is an OLD printer FYI: several generations old now. Epson no longer even sells/makes parts for this although the pressure pump assembly may still be in stock at

Our products do very well in printers that are not failing mechanically (simply clogged with dry pigment). Our products will not fix a printer that needs parts replaced which is sadly too often the case with printers this old.


OK - I get that … yes, this was purchased as a floor model quite a few years ago … here’s a question, though:

It was working more or less fine up until I used the refillable carts then replaced with OEM… did I cause this problem by using the cleaning kit improperly? Need to know for my own benefit

You did nothing wrong exactly. Mechanical failures that are about to happen will only happen when the machine is moving though and this even more true when doing initial fills.