R3000 Initial Fill After temporary Storage

Have R3000 in temporary storage with Piezo Flush cartridges for couple of months.
Want to return it to service with cartridges that were in use before storage. They’ve been stored per instructions. Cartridges have auto-reset chips.

Question is … do I need to top off the cartridges and replace the chips with new ones that would show 100% full, or can I top off the cartridges and use the Initial Fill program with the existing chips showing their levels before I topped them off?

Thanks in advance for the help…


  1. Do a normal cleaning with existing PF carts.
  2. Nozzle check.
  3. After good nozzle check, swap in the color carts.
  4. If the color carts are all reading “full” on their chips you can do an Initial fill, otherwise (if you don’t want to get a new set of chips) do 9 purge sheets per channel using these instructions: How To Flush Individual Channel using QTR Calibration Mode


Thanks Walker… wish I still had a set of the old battery powered chips that could be reset…