R3000 chip Diagnosis

So the catalog says to replace a chip when it has expired.
What are the characteristics of an expired chip.
How can you tell if you need a new battery?

Dear @timan42. How old are your chips? The new chips do not take batteries. They are auto reset chips. See this link: Auto reset chips...the ones without the battery not resetting

Please confirm if your chips came with a resetter (a small double pin) and if they have batteries or if they don’t have batteries. If they don’t have batteries, they are auto-reset.

No they are the auto reset type. This all started with clogged heads and eventually air in the some lines from too many cleans. You suggested I use the “Charge” program available at 2manuals to clear the air. It did not work because it sees a couple of carts it does not like. Asked me to pull and replug and still no joy. Although they look fine at the printer and the Utility. You then suggested a new set of carts. This is when I learned the chips were replaceable and that seemed a less expensive way to go. How to diagnose? Right now all carts are topped up. I have 5 colors printing. I guess I will try another “Charge” cycle (have to borrow a PC). Does the cop reset itself when the battery is removed?

There is no battery in these chips. The chips only reset with printing. They will only take 1 initial charge and that’s it. After that they must be printed with to reset. That is the only way to reset an R3000 chip.

There are many reasons why battery chips are no longer available in the US anymore, but the big one was the import of batteries into this country.

One big thing that happens is people are not aware that a chip has reset. It will show as an error. They will turn the printer off, or replace the chip, and then it will show full again. It shows as an error when it has reset!!! But instead of topping the cartridge off, the cart goes back into the printer at a low level even though the chip has reset. So then air gets into the lines.

This is partly the reason why we just came out with a CISS for the P600. Too many people don’t read instructions and get air in their lines on the R3000 because they let their chips reset without refilling carts. With a CISS, the cartridge in the printer is always full of ink and it’s easy to see when the ink is low in the reservoir. When the ink gets low, you just top off by pouring more ink in. It’s much more user friendly.

Long story short, you need to replace the chips that are too low for the initial fill to complete. Make sure all carts are full of ink before the initial fill process. Run the initial fill and it should re-prime your ink and get rid of air bubbles. Do not print with a partially air-blocked print-head!


Do I only need to replace the chips that are currently not working to get those 6 initial fill? Not all 9. Right?

yes, replace the chips that are not functioning with the initial fill and/or that are reading low.

Initial Fill needs chips that are reading full or near full to work.


OK, one more … I have a 9 piece set of new chips to be installed on full carts. You mention the “initial fill process” above. Does this happen automatically with the new chips? Bill

No. New chips will not automatically start the initial fill. After putting them in, you must start the initial fill from the software.


The software? The Epson Program from 2 Manuals for Mac? Or is there
something on the original disc that came with the printer?

The 2Manuals software yes. That is the only software that will work to do an initial fill of the printer.

Have replaced all the chips. Plugged directly into an HP laptop and running 2manuals program “Ink Charge” responds with Communication Error : 20000010.
Rebooted the epson and the HP… same, same. What to do next? Bill
Oh dear I just skimmed through Dana’s thread on this error code. My god what am I to do? Way to much information. Is there no way out of this?

You will need to run the program in compatibility mode.


2manuals has yet to respond to my enquiry concerning Error: 20000010.
They asked where I got the program (their site) and then nothing. I am about to trash the printer because of an air bubble. This is nuts. It has now been three weeks since I have printed anything. The whole thing is probably dried out. What do I do?
Oh, Dana’s discussion was about a error code one digit different.

Dear Bill. I’m PMing you.