R3000 cartridge not resetting when filled, and saw some leakage for the first time

Greetings. I just topped off my relatively new set of carts for the second time and the levels didn’t reset. I saw this comment in another thread:

Just keep printing until it actually resets (the printer will pause) and then pull it and top it off and place it back in. It will then show full.
Refilling at a low level will not reset, it will only reset during the printing process

Is that still the preferred approach? I’ve printed five 6.25 x 9 cards and the carts still indicate low ink.

Also, for the first time ever I saw some leakage off the bottom of one of the carts when I filled it. It seems to be printing just fine, however. Should I be concerned?

Thanks for your help.

Filling these carts with ink does not effect the chip (the two things are not connected).

All your procedures are correct. Print until the ARC (auto reset chip) resets. It will most likely indicate a “chip error” when it resets as these printers are not built to recognize an ARC chip. When you remove the cartridge, then top it off (to be safe with your ink amount), and put the cartridge back in it will read as full of ink in the printer.


Thanks for responding. I’m continuing to print but am not getting a chip error message and the levels have not reset.