Pink being printed on space between image and printable area of paper

Having done two init fills of PiezoFlush and a re-installation init fill of the Piezo Pro inks, and 3 passes of physical head cleaning with Bounty and PiezoFlush and a clean Bounty (shows no pink) I am still getting a highly even application of pink (assuming PiezoFlush) around the image. It never had issues like this using K3 inks and QTR or color prior to conversion. The image area is clean and not showing any pink.

The paper is a heavy rag and the curves are the Han Photo Rag, and it is using mat ink so I can’t think that it would be from some weird GO thing…


A Nozzle check does not show any pink

  1. I think you are printing with Hahn Photo Baryta Rag (this is a gloss paper) and not the straight Hahn Photo Rag.
  2. Print just a few more purge sheets of just the LLK channel to clear the last bit of flush color from the GCO for future gloss printing.


Then why did the printer tell me to switch to mat ink? When I first saw it I saw it with a Canson rag paper curve too…

The curve does not tell the printer what ink it needs. The QTR driver setting (Matte Black, Photo Black, or Installed) is what tells the printer.


Hi Walker,
Please list the exact name of the curve you want me to try to make sure we don’t go in circles…

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 11.07.02 AM


Thanks! I’ll report in a moment what I see and how it goes…

That was it. With the correct curve name it is resolved… I wonder which canson profile I was using the first time… Hmmm… Frustrating to make mistake for a week. Oh well…

Thanks for your fast response!

Is there a cheat sheet that maps curve names to papers so as to assist preventing this silliness in the future?

yep, it’s the readme.pdf file in every curve folder and the main folder

Perfect! Much appreciated!

FYI, for those reading the thread, all docs are here: