PiezoFlush Cartridges Error Message Epson 9890

My Epson 9890 has 2 clogged print heads so I ordered the corresponding cartridges and PiezoFlush solution. When I replaced the LLK and LC Epson cartridges with new LLK and LC cartridges from inkjetmall filled with PiezoFlush, I get a fatal error on the LCD screen of my printer. I cannot perform the Initial Fill or any other function. When I put the original cartridges back, the printer works normally (with 2 clogged heads). Why are the PiezoFlush cartridges not being recognized by my printer?

Dear @lfs. Can you please let us know the error # that is popping up?

We can replace the carts if these are not working.


I reinstalled the PiezoFlush cartridges and restarted the printer and the error message was gone. I was able to initiate the Initial Fill. Once it is finished I will turn the printer off for 48 hours. Can you confirm the next steps? When I turn the printer back on, do I stay in Service Mode or Regular Mode? Do I then print the nozzle check and/or run a cleaning cycle? Assuming the clog is cleared after these procedures, when I put the original cartridges back into position, how do I flush out the remaining PiezoFlush liquid?


Put the printer in regular mode after a completion and do a nozzle check.

Please note, if your channels had entirely disappeared before this procedure there is a good chance they had burned out (not clogged) or the damper assembly had an air lock. That is a common problem on these printers (mostly with color ink Epson or otherwise, not Piezography ink).

If the nozzles have cleared, put the color carts back in, You can either do an init fill at this point or you can do the more frugal method documented here: How To Flush Individual Channel using QTR Calibration Mode


The nozzles were not fully clogged so hopefully this process solves the issue. If there is some improvement, but not a full restore, do I run a cleaning cycle with the Piezo cartridges?


You will need to let the PiezoFlush stay in for 48hrs. This is how it works. Then do 1 normal cleaning and nozzle check again.