Piezo Pro Start Up

Hello, As I excitedly move from my K& set to the Pro system, instead of flushing out the old inks, I’m planning to install the new ink set and run the former (K7) inks out. My question is:

While the new Pro inks are installed, is it better to just make test prints to run out the ink from the channels or should I do a power clean?

Thank you.


I suggest power clean. This keeps everything going in the right direction.

Alternatively you can do flush prints with quadtoneRIP: How To Flush Individual Channel using QTR Calibration Mode


Thank you Walter. How many power cleans (approximately) would it take to clear out the channel? I have a 7890 that’s been working brilliantly with the peizo inks, going on 5 years now. I even had the GO process working successful around 80% of the attempts.

On this particular printer actually I would suggest doing printed purges. Power cleanings can be stressful for this particular print head.


You’re a gem of a resource, thank you!