P800 Magenta color Goes off

Hi i had P800 printer
Every day the magenta goes out …with one cycle clean it returns
it happens one ore two times each day
where is the problem ? printhead tuubes , pump???

It’s the magenta damper which happens on this model sometimes.


Remove the current ink cartridge.
Remove the ink in it.
Fill with distilled.
Remove the distilled water.
Fill with PiezoFlush, do a head cleaning and then print 12 sheets of Magenta flush using this method: https://community.inkjetmall.com/t/how-to-flush-individual-channel-using-qtr-calibration-mode/2070
Remove flush cartridge
Either clean this flush cartridge perfectly or install a new cartridge with HDX Vivid Magenta: https://shop.inkjetmall.com/ConeColor-Pro-ink-110ml-Vivid-Magenta-HDX.html?search=HDX+vivid+magenta#attr=55781,36052,13565,14326,17196,15558
Run the 12 page flush procedure again.
All good.