P800 Chipless firmware works in North American models

Hey everyone. I have confirmed that the chipless firmware from chiplesssolutions dot com actually works on the US (North American) version of the Epson P800. That means we no longer need to use decoder boards for third party ink!!! yay!!!

I will be posting a full video/image/text tutorial on our website soon. One thing to note, this may not work on all P800s. Epson my find a way to block the firmware update process on newer printers but for now it works. Another note, this is not software we will be selling in any way. Not our product. It is the customer’s initiative and right to use the chipless firmware and not ours.

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Here’s the instructions:



Do you feel confident enough in this chipless firmware solution to use it at Cone Editions?


Yep. We are



Thanks! I haven’t been able to find a P800 to buy anyway (other than at full list prince).


Hi Walker,

I just pruchased a refurbished P800 and was very intrigued with this way of using 3rd party cartridges. Basically it seems to be similar to when the 3880 chips are replaced, you just monitor the cartridges for refilling correct? What would the advantage to the decoder board be since it displays all the cartridges full - even though some may be less than full or near empty.

My main qustion is, since you need a PC to load the firmware, and once it’s been loaded, do you need to continue to use a PC or can you use a Mac to print once the new firmware is installed?


You don’t need to continue using the PC at all. Just the one time.


Great, thanks so much!