P600 single channel - repeated clogging problem

My p600 uses the CISS and works great, but lately the vivid magenta channel has been clogging consistently. I use it weekly, so idol operation is not the problem. Usually 1 or 2 head cleaning cycles fixes the problem, but the next day it is clogged again. Sometimes none or almost none of the VM nozzles are firing. I don’t have problems with any of the other channels. Sometimes it takes 5 cycles to clear the VM, but the very next day there are some nozzles clogged.

Is this a clogging problem with the damper, or somewhere else in the printers ink delivery system? I just purchased a flush kit. My thinking is the printer needs a complete flush to clean it out, since it has never been done. It’s about 2+ years old, my understanding it a complete flush cleaning should be done once a year as part of the printers preventive maintenance. Is that correct? Does a flush cleaning sound like it will take care of the problem?


I suggest this:

and this:

Then do this on the VM channel:

Then get our newer formation HDX VM ink:

Pour out the 2+ yr old ink and then replace with the HDX VM. You don’t have to be super precise. Then print the purge again.

This will get the damper clean and you back and running.

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