Not satisfied with Inkthrift Claria


I use in my work many printers (hp z3200, Epson 3880 ,Epson p800 and 2 Epson L1800)
I make my own profile to insure that all prints from all printers is almost identical
Epson L1800 uses 6 dye inks and it has an oem tanks which I refill using Epson T673 original ink
I read that Epson Claria ink is better than T673 and as a very satisfied user of cone HD I decided to use ink thrift CL
and it is not a cheap ink
I buy the ink and rempty old ink then refill it making 3 power cleaning and then I profile it using Color Munki Photo
After I print using it the prints has accurate and vivid colors but after 6 hours I feel the prints has yellowish hue , So I print the same image to insure that color changed and I was right
after I contact the support they told me that this is normal and this ink needs 24 hour to heal so you must profile after 24 hours and I did what they told me but after 24 hours I feels that prints are different and also has yellow hue
when I look at calibration charts I notice that black pattern(after 24 hours) is not 100% black and it surround with yellow
I notice another Big problem that when I cold laminate the photo and look it after 4 or more days it has a green hue specially in darks
where is the problem ? and what to do
Plz see attachment


Look at these images

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It’s difficult to ensure that the chemical make-up will work with laminates. In fact we built IT dyes to be very waterproof on their own. The only thing I can suggest here is to use a different laminate, to not laminate, or use a different ink.

Also, because this is poly-encapsulated, you don’t want to use the IT CL in HP printers as those printers have thermal heads and the internal chemistry is not optimized for thermal heads.

Also as I said in the other thread on this topic, profile after dry-down.



Can i use pigment cone ink in epson l1800 printer


yes you ca


Yellow Glow Around Black