Most reliable printer with refill system? 3880 and beyond!

Hi all! I’m a poster artist and go through a LOT of cone color ink over the course of a year, particularly because there’s a lot of black in my work. So as I look ahead to the inevitable demise of my printer, I’m curious if there are any strong opinions about the most reliable printer model and refillable system. Preferably something that’s easy to come by for total replacement every so often.

I’ve been a devoted 3880 owner and have been very happy with the Conecolor system. But inevitably the printers die sooner or later and since they’re no longer made, it’s then a matter of having to track down used machines to get by.

I’ve also used two P800s with decoder boards, but in both cases either exhausted the resets or had a malfunction where I wasn’t able to get a full 30 resets before having to return to OEM carts. For that reason, while I did love the P800, I’ve had to go back to the 3880 for a reliable refill system.

I’ve been very happy with 17" width, and PREFER not to jump up to a larger machine, but would entertain the idea if it’s truly the most reliable avenue.

Thoughts? Thanks so much, all!

The P800 is a worthy successor to the 3880 and it takes the same carts and now is able to run “chipless” firmware without a decoder board. I recommend it.


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Nevermind! I found your previous post, this is amazing news.

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