MK to PK switch in 4800 to load InkThrift PK set

I have a 4800 that’s new to me. It’s configured with OEM inks (MK) but the MK is reading empty. Since its registering as an empty cart I can’t get to the normal menu with out replacing it. What’s the best way to dump the ink set that’s in there and load a PK InkThrift set of dye inks given that I don’t have a working MK cart to put in there to start with. If it helps, I do have an new empty MK cart from the IJM set that I bought but I have no plans to use MK ink and didn’t buy any.


Bob Smith

Got it going…

Did an init fill as per instructions here (not the suggested series of power cleans). That picked up the PK presence and purged all of the lines of the OEM ink and installed InkThrift.

A printer status page print out showed the presences of PK but the driver still only showed MK compatible paper options. Deleting and reinstalling the printer fixed that.

Off to build new profiles…

Bob Smith

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