K7 ink positions in 9890 - Pizoflush...Pink prints!

On my 9890, I flushed out the “ultra chrome” inks with Pizoflush and Installed the K7 inks as instructed…almost! I do not print glossy, so I installed Pizoflush in the PhotoK position. The prints are very pink and obviously printing with the Pizoflush solution. What am I doing wrong? Must I install Photo Black in the PK position even if I don’t print glossy?
(The 9890 is set for matte black printing.)

I had a similar problem with my 2880. The advice I got was to replace the piezoflush with distilled water which I did and the problem went away.

Please tell me exactly what inks are in what channels and give me a screenshot of the curve folder you are using. It’s probably just an ink position / curve miss-match.


Hello Walker,
The SpecialE inks are installed as was stated in Insert #114 that came with the refillable carts for the 9890. My deviation from these positions is placing Pizoflush in the PhotoK position…I don’t use PK.

I assume the curve you are refering to are the charts of six interhumped color curves, over curved with the black curve? Where can/will I find the curve you need to see?

FYI: Cyan/shade2, Yellow/7, Lt.Cyan/3, MatteK/1, PhotoK/PF, Mg/4, LtK/6, LtLtK/PF, LtMg/5

Thank you R

Ok. So if you are using a Matte curve it does not use the LLK channel at all. If you are seeing red you are either using the incorrect curve or you still have PF in your ink line.

Please (as requested) show me a screenshot of your curve folder. Ideally tell me exactly what Piezographhy quadtonerip curve(from the community edition) you are printing with that is showing the pink.

best regards,

Hello Walter,
Attached is a screen shot of the curveI installed in the 9890. I am printing with Special Edition inks on Hahnemuhle PhotoRag308. In the long list of curves in the folder, none were specific for SE inks with PhotoRag, so I installed the enclosed curve.



Hello walker,

I am resending this March 1st email. I’ve done perhaps 7 or 8 power cleanings, and it still prints pink. And the pink is not fading away. The above curve is the one I am using.

In the “Curves" folder / 7890-9890-K7, there is a very long list curves for various ink/paper combinations. There is no curve for Special Edition ink with PhotoRag 308. Could you please recommend one.

I need to at least get the printer set up and printing correctly before I have you make me a custom curve. (You’ve made 3 such curves for my 76-9600 printers, and they were all a refinement above the generic curves, Thanks.)


Print the ink separation print. This will tell you if you have ink in your channels.

Remember, it takes 40mL+ per channel to get the Piezoflush out.


The problem was in the printer name in the PrintTool dialogue. Not “epson stylus pro 9890”, but “Quad 9890-K7.

Everything working fine now. Thank you for your patience and help, Walker.