Is it possible to make Piezoflush nozzle checks more visible?

I am grateful the Piezoflush has some red mixed in to make the nozzle checks more visible. But even so, is it possible to add a bit more red? I’m having trouble seeing the nozzle checks. If you think this would be acceptable, what kind of red, and how much, should I add? I do have some red dye ink from MIS, a competitor (sorry!).

If you check my account, I have done some business here in IJM. Among other items here, I’ve purchased a 350ml size bottle Piezoflush and a 110. I’ve used up my 350 and my 110 is almost empty - I’ll be ordering more.

Thank you!


Sorry for the late reply on this. A bit of our InkThrift magenta dye should work fine. Mix to taste and sip slow.


Sounds like a James Bond movie… he liked his martinis “stirred, not shaken”. Or was it the other way around?



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This thread is almost a year old, so I hope you’ll still see it! When you say a “bit”, could you provide a little more guidance? I have a partially used 350ml bottle of Piezoflush which I put in a 125ml plastic bottle for convenience. That’s not full either, let’s call it 100ml to make our math easier… so how much of your magenta dye should I add to that 100ml ? 1 mil ? 10ml ? or ?

I’m using a set of your refillable carts in my Epson 1430, and it’s been in mothballs since last September. Just ran a nozzle check yesterday, and the nozzle check was quite good. After two or three cleanings (using Epson’s printer Maintenance) the nozzle check was perfect as far as I could determine. Very hard to be sure though, barely visible.

Thank you!


When I said mix to taste I meant you actually need to just dip a brush in there and brush it on paper. If it’s still to light for you add some more dye. 5mL increments should do for testing.

Any other common-sense method should work as well, the above one is just off top of my head.


Thanks, Walker, a helpful approach. I may go with smaller increments, but the very notion of increments makes a lot of sense. Gives one better control.