How to Re-Map a Piezography Curve

Here’s a quick article on remapping a Piezography curve. Remapping is used when one or more channels on a printer have died. Because Piezography does not normally require every available channel on your printer you can place a Piezo ink in a normally un-used channel and then remap the curves to use that channel instead of the bad channel.

For example. If you have a 7900 that has a bad LC channel and you want to print with Pro ink, you would use the K4 Cool curves that do not require the Green channel. Then you would re-map these K4 Cool curves so that LC (Medium Grey) would be switched to Green. You would put your Medium Grey ink in the Green cartridge and use these remapped K4 Cool curves alongside your normal K5 Warm curves (because your warm inks are in standard configuration). The video shows an example of how to do this.

A second example is if your Black channel is dead (in many cases this wipes out both PK and MK printing) as well as your Yellow channel. You would use the new K6 curves provided in the Curves-HD folder (they do not require the 7th shade that normally uses the Y channel) and remap PK to Green and MK to Orange. You would put PK ink in your Green cartridge and MK ink in your Orange cartridge and print with the re-mapped curves. The video shows an example of how to do this.

If you have trouble viewing this video full screen, use a browser other than Safari (Chrome works well).

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