How to print single ink (UltraHDMatte) on 3880

Have some years printing HDMatte on 1400s with lovely results. Always matte. Was given a 3880 and it was great with the Epson inks printing matte b&w. However, I’ve since set it up with essentially a Piezo Neutral set (without Gloss overprint). Results have been underwhelming so far but I’m assuming I haven’t quite “broken the code” as it were. However, I have a time sensitive project that I can print HDMatte Black only if I can do it on the larger 3880. Is there a simple way to do that? I have QTR installed as well as the normal curve set installed.

Print 10x full sheets of Black channel with this method:


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Walker, thanks. However, it does not work. Specificly, I am trying to print a specific image using only UltraHDMatte Black, not clear any channels. Calibration mode using my image causes all channels to print…which is a mess. Again, my goal is to print with the UltraHDMatte Black ink only for my specific image.

Ok, So you are trying to print with only a single channel?

We did not build curves for that . . . you can maybe use the epson driver with “Black ink only” print method . . .


Not sure what driver you mean. I tried using PS in black only but the 3880/PS combo did not allow “Black ink only”, it continues to provide only full color “black”. On the 1400 that works, on the 3880 it didn’t. I will, of course, look again.

However, if you made images that only used one channel to flush that channel, how was that done? That should work, just that the image would not be “all black” but the one I provide…modified to use only one image?

hmm, that would be an interesting hack.

I made a special Black only .quad

here you go:

Black-Only-38xx.quad (7.1 KB)

It’s not linear printing but you can tweak your image.


OK, thanks. Hate to be stupid but I have no clue how to apply them. Do I load them like normal curves? All of them?
Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally excited about your help, just clueless.

Put the curve in your 3880 curve folder and run the install command.


OK… As soon as I get back.

I re-read the install section of the manual (always helpful) and got the printer up and running on black only with your 38xx.quad. It does work…thanks!

However, the ability to “tweak” is pretty limited. The 3880 is set to -50 on Ink Limit and -15 on gamma. That’s min on each. I also brighten the original image I’m using. However, still on the dark side and I think I’m out of tweaking room.

I’m assuming that the next step would be linearization. I need to understand what that means. Is that something I can do on my own and if so, can you point me to where I can read up on it?

Thanks, Dan

Backstory I should mention: I’m struggling to make my 3880 acceptable with the Neutral Piezo set I bought. Since my 1400s are great in all back mode, I thought all black printing on the 3880 could be a solution. I’m trying build a case for my organization (NHSPA) to convert one of our machines to Piezography. The organization has a P7900 and a P9000 and just purchased a P7000. All running Epson inks. The plan was to convert one of the machines to B&W only. I was exploring the piezography approach or at least all HDback for the P7900. Since there are over a hundred potential users in the organization, it could well be a cost effective approach - we pay for the ink, users bring their own paper. So more than my little 3880 hangs in the balance here.

Oh, wait! Just found the linearizing section in the manual. Gee whiz. I’ll be back if I have questions. Thanks!