How to change ink placement to avoid dead channels - 9900

I’m surprised that I can’t find this, as I would think that this is a common problem, but I’ve looked around in the tech docs and in the forum and for some reason don’t see this…

I have a set of Piezography Pro Set 9 - without the very light inks. I have a 9900 that has a permanently dead Cyan channel. This is apparently the standard placement for the cool dark ink. Since I don’t have the Very Light inks, the green and orange channels will not be used. Presumably I should put the cool dark in one of them and piezoflush in the other one. But I know that some software has to be told about this, and I presume it’s somewhere in the QTR configuration, but I haven’t found the docs on this. Where do I find this info?

Here you go!

I had a read on that, thanks. The process is straightforward, but with several dozen curves to update, I’m willing to bet that I make at least one error doing it.

It would have been nice to have the curve sources in the distribution, and then to set the mapping once during install or update, and have it move all the curve data around the various curve files accordingly.

Because of the risk of error, I use a spreadsheet template to do multiple rounds of remapping. Create one and use multiple times. Paste in the old curve and copy out the remapped curve into a text document. A few years ago Jon said that this is roughly how IJM does it, although I vaguely seem to recall Walker saying that there may be issues with end of file characters - not something I’ve seen on Win, nor has a colleague on Mac. Here is a spreadsheet and instructions I gave another user for a 9 ink printer.