Horizontal Lines, epson 9800

Hello hello, apologies if this has been asked already. New to the forum, I will keep searching for the solution here. I am just curious if the horizontal lines in my prints indicate broken printhead or dirty print head. I tried several cycle of cleaning and it does not help.


Head alignment could be off. I’d do that first and see what happens.

I suggest turning “auto cleaning” off and then do a normal nozzle check. This can be done from the Printer Setup and Maintenance menus right on the printer’s control panel.

It looks like a clog to me.


When examining the normal nozzle check, if it appears to be intact with no gaps it’s worth examining it closely under a loupe or magnifier for signs of misfiring nozzles:

We assume you’re printing at a high enough printer resolution setting and uni-directional.

Thanks, upon inspecting the ink lines I realize there are air space/bubbles. I assume I will have to purge until the air is completely out. I followed all the instruction but seemed to mess up! The cartridges came with the printer, so maybe the last owner didn’t install it correctly.