Help setting up Piezography Pro on 7900 with bad LK channel

Hi. My first time on the forum. I’m finally getting round to setting up Piezography Pro (9 ink set) on my 7900 with a bad LK channel (purchased in July last year—so wanting to get moving before my Piezography Professional Edition Software subscription expires!).

The printer has been sitting with PiezoFlush in the lines for quite a few months.

  1. First question: What inks should I place in which channels, given LK is not an option? Further, seeing as that leaves me with 10 channels, can I leave piezoflush in either the MK or PK channel, and load either the Ultra HD™ Matte Black, or High Density Photo Black from the Piezography Pro inkset into a different channel so I don’t have to run an ink swap to change blacks? If so, again, what channels should I use to load the different inks in?

  2. It seems I should have received the "Piezography Error Correction Tool” separately by email? I do not recall receiving this email, nor can I find it in my mailbox, so can I have that resent?

Thanks for your help!

Jeremy Stephenson

Hi Walker. Just trying to get your attention. I’m not sure if you’ve seen my post or not as you’ve replied to a number of other posts in the few days since I started this post. I am trying to set up my 7900 with piezo pro (I have a bad LK channel), and don’t know which channels to load which inks into (see original post), or how to remap those channels in the software.

Appreciate your help.
Jeremy Stephenson

Put the K inks in their correct slots.

Put the Light Grey Cool (normally LK channel) into the Orange channel. (do not use Very Light Warm)

Use K4 Neutral and Warm curves and K5 Cool curves. Re-map the Neutral K4 curves and K5 Cool curves so that LK data goes to GR. Use this video: How to Re-Map a Piezography Curve

I sent it to you, but I will verify and send again. Also the private PEE forum link is above.


I sent your error corrector to your email address (which is not a google account). You can request access to the error corrector from any google account you do have by simply following the link that was sent to you.


Thank you Walker. I have received the Error Correction Tool now. I also found your original email. I had been searching for it in my mailbox under “inkjetmall”, hence the email from your gmail didn’t show up.

I didn’t see a link to the private PEE forum, but I’m presuming that was a typo for PPE forum? If so, I have found my way onto that already. Is it preferable to post support questions for piezo pro on this forum or the private forum?

Lastly, you said to remap the LK to the orange channel, and leave the K inks where they are. Is there any reason I couldn’t (or shouldn’t?) also remap the K on glossy paper curves to the green channel (and install High Density Photo Black physically in the green channel), thus avoiding in-printer black-ink-swap when switching between matte and glossy media? There may be a logic I’m not aware of as to why that’s a bad idea?

Thanks again!

Thank you. That makes sense. When I purchased I only purchased the 9 ink set as at the time I thought I would need equal numbers of warm and cool tone inks. I didn’t realise I could have different numbers of warm vs. cool inks installed.

  1. As I said before, the top of this category has the PPE forum link. Just scroll up and look. (It was also in multiple emails to you, as well as on the website, product description, etc, etc.)

  2. It’s better to print with 5 inks for cool if you can (instead of 4) so I suggest to keep the MK/PK where they are. This model of printer also needs MK/PK to switch back and forth periodically in order to be able to exercise the damper switch.