Epson SC P7000 PK nozzle issues

Hello everyone, I am a brand new member of this community and decided to join after reading all of the wonderful help and advice in other topics. With that being said I am hoping you all may be able to help me. :pray: One day all of a sudden our PK nozzle decided it doesn’t want to play nice. We purchased the PiezoFlush maintenance kit and I have cleaned the capping station, flush box and did the paper towel under the printhead as per the video and there was no improvement. I am just wondering if this is an instance of an unsalvageable printhead or not.Black Nozzle

Thank you in advance for any guidance that may come, much appreciated.

sadly yes, this is a delaminating (delaminated) print head. Both PK and LK are going.


Thank you Walker.

Would you be able to tell me what some of the common causes of delamination are?

This unit has never had been on a preventative maintenance schedule, before my time here, and once we get a replacement unit if there is a preventative maintenance schedule we can put together to hopefully make the next one last longer I would love to know what we can do. Current unit’s initial ink charge was 2018/08/16 and has ran 38,107 A1+ Equivalent Prints in a very clean climate controlled environment. This seems like it wore out pretty quickly but maybe I am wrong and this is standard life for a print head.

actually you are slightly beyond the standard print-life for this head (even in a clean environment). The only way to make these heads last longer is good preventative maintenance.

Basically preventative maintenance =

clean the cleaning area every 2 months
clean the head physically (on the bottom) every 2 months
replace the ink selector every 2 years
replace the cleaning assembly every 2 years
maintain 40-60 rel humidy
hepa filter 100% of the time


I appreciate your quick and thorough responses. Have a wonderful day.