epson p600, cartridge problems - problems charging the ink

i’m trying to set up an epson p600 for piezography. i have piezocleaner and a set of carts for that as well as carts and ink for the pro inks…

i did the initial charge with the epson carts… all fine.

i loaded the inkjet mall carts with piezocleaner, inserted into the printer and used the p600 program from 2manual to do an ink charge. whirred and clicked for awhile, then i did a nozzle check. i expected to see very little, but i got patterns with color tints. ok, lets do another ink charge, but the program won’t let me–inks are out is the error message, but on the printer it’s telling me to use the original epson carts…

am i doing something wrong?

once i get the jets cleared, if i fill and install the piezography ink carts, will i not be able to charge this printer?

i’m running under windows 7 in a parallels vm.


You will not want to use the PiezoFlush carts for Piezo ink without cleaning them vert well with distilled water and also priming out any of the flush. We recommend keeping the PF carts separate as backup (long term storage) carts.

On this printer and the R3000 new chips allow for 1 initial fill only. If you are re-using these carts (after cleaning see note above) simply do several cleaning cycles or run the purge sheet procedure:


hi walter…

thanks for getting back to me. i have a separate set of carts for the ink, sorry if i
wasn’t clear about that.

so, with the epson adjustment program for the p600 i can only do one initial fill. ok… so i should then be able to do that again (initial fill) when i put in the second set of carts with the ink? sounds like it.

you might want to change your documentation some… the initial fill on the p600 with the flush carts did not clear out the ink. i’m doing the purge sheet procedure and am up to 30 sheets and i still have the epson ink coming through (this is with the piezoflush carts still in the printer). evidently the
initial fill procedure to clear out the epson ink is not working on the
p600, or at least not on mine this time.

i’ll continue to run the purge sheet procedure until i get clear sheets – no epson ink, just
pink from the flush.

i’ll then swap in the second set of carts with the piezography inks and do another initial fill procedure (i figure it can’t hurt). if it flushes all of the piezoflush out then i’m
done and i’ll let you know.

if the initial flush on the piezography carts does not clear the piezoflush, i’ll do the purge sheet
procedure until i get good ink patterns. i’ll let you know how that goes, too.


Yep. You can do the second init-fill with the second set.

Not entirely needed as there is a good 12iches of flush that will go through the dampers before the piezo goes in on the next initial fill. If this is an old printer that has had dampers full of pigment ink for awhile though you should run more PF through. And always let the PF sit 24-48hrs before final conversion.

IMO this is the way I do it generally.