Epson P400 and Pro ink set - switching the Blacks

Newbie here. Just got the printer today and am yet to receive and install the inks. But thinking ahead I realize there is no automatic switching between Matte and Photo Black

When switching the black ink cartridges, to go from a matte to a gloss (baryta) paper, what is the procedure - must I flush to clear lines ?

Are there instructions to show me the procedure. I didn’t notice anything in the Articles list ?

thank you

With the Pro ink-set you’ll want to take out the PK ink and place the MK ink in. A single cleaning (in general) will get the MK ink flowing or you can do 2 purge sheets to be absolutely sure (without wasting other inks):

To go back to PK requires 2 cleanings.

In general this printer is best to do a batch of prints on PK and then a batch of prints on MK (like the full cartridge worth, etc).