Epson 9900 VLM Issue



At some point the VLM cart was reset without refilling it. This caused it to run dry.

Now you have air in your system and you most likely have air in your ink outlet on the cartridge. Wells is sending you a priming tip so you can re-prime your cartridge. This is the first thing to do before running and initial fill sequence.

A note. Printing with air in a line can burn out the nozzle on a head. This may have happened with your printer, but it does not always happen so it’s useful to try and get the ink back through the line.

After priming the cartridge, top off all your other carts and reset them. Make sure your maintenance tanks are also reset. (The initial fill will not work if any cartridge or maintenance tank is reading less than 1/2.)

Double check that you have primed your cartridge and then run the initial fill sequence for this printer. During the initial fill, keep an eye on your ink lines (flashlight will do). At one point you should see the VLM shoot through. If it doesn’t this means more serious damage occurred such as a problem with the ink dampers “air blocking” or damage to the print-head itself during the printing of a blacked channel.

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I have a Epson 9900 that showed I had about 1/3 of the VLM cartridge left. A large print revealed a problem. I ran a nozzle ck and saw that VLM was almost non existent. I ran two color pair cleaning cycles and one powerful cleaning cycle. Still no VLM. After I opened rt side I saw VLM cart was empty. I filled cart and tried to print only VLM to no avail I got another blank VLM channel nozzle ck. Purged cart and in service mode tried to run init fill. Bar ran to about 40% then display switched to cleaning for about 5 more min. Still no VLM showing in tube. So I run Init fill again. Still no VLM in tube and no VLM on nozzle check. Wells asked that I post to get an idea of what I should do next.
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I realized not all carts are 50 percent or more, Can you have Wells send me a Green 750ml cart? At the time I originally bought ink you didn’t carry green. Now I have green ink and no refillable cart.



If you did not order a green cart with your order of a green bottle of ink, you will need to order the green cartridge online here:

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