[Epson 9900] Change Printhead or switch channel?

I have successfully converted my 5-year old Stylus Pro 9900 to Piezography Pro (K5) inks recently but there’s a clog on the Cyan (Cool Dark) channel that doesn’t go away. After much reading and findings from this forum, I understand that the printhead is probably gone, so now I am exploring two options:

  1. Changing the printhead (The costly affair!!)
  2. Can I switch Cool Dark to another channel say to replace say, Warm: Very Light and then remap the curves? (more favourable to explore)?

Is it possible to run K5 on Cool and K4 on Warm for option 2?

Please advise. Thanks.

This is what I advise.

Yes, no problem. Just delete the K5 Warm and Neutral curves and replace w/ the K4 Warm and Neutral curves. Remap the Cool and Neutral curves (C->Or) and you’ll be all set.


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Also, because the curves print so similar to each-other you can do this just on 1 matte set of curve and 1 gloss set.

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Hi Walker,

Thanks for the quick response.

I have never done any remapping of channels. Can you point me to some instructions or tutorial where I can do just that (Cyan -> Orange)? Also I would assume I need to flush out the line at Orange using the QTR Calibration mode to replace it with Cool Dark after I switch the cartridge? I guess I need to swap the chips as well?

Thanks again.


Remapping: How to Re-Map a Piezography Curve
With PPEv2: About Piezography Professional | Piezography
Single Channgle Purge: How To Flush Individual Channel using QTR Calibration Mode


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Thanks again, Walker.

The savings from replacing the print head can easily be justified for another set of piezography inks. :grinning:

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