Epson 9800 Metal pins in LLB carrier

Can anyone help with this problem.
I have an Epson 9800, In the LLB carrier, I can see Two fine pins, bent, laying on the bottom of the carrier. I have been trying for over an hour to install my LLB Pizo cart without any success.

Does anyone know how to dismantle the carrier ?

Many thanks in advance


Two pins from the ink cartridge sensor?

If so you will need to replace the CSIC sensor.


Thank you Walker.

Do you know if anyone has made a video , on how to dismantle the cartridge holder ?

many thanks in advance


the manual has the step by step on how to remove the ink bay. It’s pretty self explanatory after that how to get the back part open to remove the sensor

The Epson Wide Format group has the service manual (after joining) in the files section:


Great. thanks once again for this help