Replacing CICC contacts in 7800 printer

My LC is not being recognized in my 7800 and with a flashlight I’ve determined the contact in the cartridge slot which touches the ink cartridge chip is damaged. One of the contacts is missing or jammed down. Finding the part is easy enough but replacing is what I’m interested in. I have the Epson Field Manual but it does not cover the replacement of that particular part. I’m hoping it can be replaced without disassembling the left cartridge holder. I looked into just buying a new left cartridge holder but that part is no longer available.

Any advice out there?

The OEM version of this sensor in the x800s and x880s are horribly flimsy and break easily. The replacement version is no longer made of tiny wires but instead uses disks of metal. My last decade as a professional printmaker (with OEM carts mind-you) was often spent fixing this very part. Whenever one went down I would buy a set of 4 and replace them on the entire ink bay.


I have good news and I have bad news.

The good news is that you don’t have to replace the ink bay. The new upgraded sensor part in question is only $1.61 and is available right here:

The bad news is that you will need to follow the steps in the Field Repair guide on how to take out the ink bay. You will need to rest the ink bay on a support below the printer, get to the back of it, pull out the offending sensor cradle and pop the new sensor in there. This can be done in about 30 minutes if it’s the second or third time you do it, but generally will take an hr or so to do it the first time.


Thanks Walker, I’ve got 8 of those parts coming my way. Figured if I was going to do this I’d just replace all four on the left and maybe the four on the right as well.

Also maybe it changed over time but there may be an error in The Piezo Manual for the 7800

“Hold down the Left Arrow, Down Arrow, and Up Arrow buttons simultaneously as you turn on the printer. This activates the Service Menu.”

On mine you hold down the right arrow, bottom arrow, and center button and then turn on to access the Service Menu.

That is a typo. I will edit


Hope there is an image attached but I’ve g

ot it to this point and am goib[ATTACH=CONFIG]1268[/ATTACHng to wait on the replacement parts but is it unassembled enough at this point?


After reading this post (and several others on the forum of a similar nature) and going on-line and looking at the 7880 service manual, quick question: are you able to remove the ink bay without disconnecting the inklines in order to change the CSIC connectors? It appears from your statement that one needs to rest the ink bay on a support below the printer implies that one does not have to completely remove it from the printer in order to change the CSIC connectors?


When i replaced all of the CICC connections in my 7800 earlier this year, I did have to remove the ink tubing. This allowed to entire ink bay to removed. The old connectors are difficult to get out. The click in and this little arm had to be released to get them out. Be careful with the new connectors. They can be easily damaged. I could not get good enough access to the connectors without removing the entire ink bay. Also the electrical ribbons are very delicate. Be gentle when re-inserting them.
Michael M