Epson 4880 for both MK and PK

Walker (or anyone else)-

I have my 4880 set up with K7 and PK…any reason I can’t get rid of shade 7 and replace it with MK to give me dual blacks capability?

Further, how would I do curves: I thought I would have to modify existing curves to map MK to Y, but maybe not? I saw a comment Walker made in another similar thread:

If you have a Piezography 2 (P2) inkset with PK ink in the Yellow channel, this allows MK/PK dual printing with Piezography P2 curves.

So, I guess the easiest would be to move my PK from the black to yellow channel (I can just swap the chip, right?), rinse out my old yellow (shade 7) cart with distilled water, fill it with MK, put the black chip in, and use the black channel?

This would avoid having to edit a bunch of curves… Am I missing anything?



I suggest PK to Y as all our “P2” curve are already built for that configuration.

Yes, distilled, etc.