Epson 4880 conversion to piezography


Right now I have my Ep 4880 loaded with piezo flush and Inkjet Mall supplied carts. I used the matte black cart since that was what I had the printer configured with prior to installing the carts with piezo flush. I am unable to view the ink levels in the printer utility software as they are greyed out. It appears the only way to check ink levels is visually.

The printer recognizes the Inkjet Mall carts as non OEM carts and I can only proceed to printing (printer ready state) once I raise and lower at least one of the ink levers whenever a cart is removed or the printer turned off and back on.

A couple of questions: Is this the normal operation for this printer with Inkjet Mall carts? if I decided to switch back to photo black can I do it with Inkjet Mall carts installed following Epson’s instructions for the switch?

Thank you, JP


Just a clarification to the above. When I say visually, it appears that the only way to check ink level is to look at the carts themselves. Epson Printer Utility 4 does not give any indication of ink levels. It indicates the carts are non-OEM and says ink levels not shown because of unknown ink volume. The printer’s display panel also appears not to indicate ink levels, the display just shows black outlined boxes at maximum capacity and in the three or four months since I’ve had the InkjetMall carts with piezo flush installed they have not changed. I’ve been printing an RGB Eye-One target twice a day and the printer does an auto clean about every 5 days.

The maintance tank is OEM and it appears to display correctly in both the utility and on the panel.

So I’m wondering what is the necessity of resetting the chips on the carts?



Yes. All of your observations are normal for third-part refillable systems.

At some point, your printer will show a “cartridge empty” light and you will need to simply pull the cartridge and reset the chip. Until then, just keep the carts topped up and keep an eyeball on the ink level visually.


Thanks Walker for the reply to my question about the carts. Another question: since the 4880 is able to print either gloss or matte black ink does QTR rip and/or Print Tool know what black ink is loaded into the printer or is it a matter of selecting the proper curve. If photo black ink was loaded into a matte black cart would QTR still print on gloss media by selecting the proper glossy curve?

Thanks, John

QTR over-rides the black ink setting on the printer so if you have MK ink in the printer, you could still technically print with a PK curve but it wouldn’t come out right.

If you have a Piezography 2 (P2) inkset with PK ink in the Yellow channel, this allows MK/PK dual printing with Piezography P2 curves.