Epson 3880 printing issues

I have an Epson 3880. After a Power clean, the PK head was not totally clear, so I used some PiezoFlush on a paper towel under the print head. Somehow upon removing the paper towel I unknowingly dislodged the Pump cap. Upon restarting the printer there was a loud grinding noise and I received an Error 1127 message. I inspected the printer and noticed that the Pump Cap was out of position.
I removed the right side cover and was able to correctly reposition the Pump Cap. No error message upon start up.
However…I did a Power Clean and now I am not getting any ink out from any of the printer heads.
Any thoughts to correct the problem?
Thank you

I think the pump cap is not making any contact with your head now, or is dislodged from the vacuum. Re-inspect


Thank you very much for your reply. If the vacuum line is dislodged, how much more disassembly of the printer will need to be done to reattach the line.

That I do not know. I think you’ll need to investigate to find out unfortunately. Others have done these types of surgery on the forum though so anyone else who is reading this please pipe up!





Good morning.
I took my 3880 apart and the 4 vacuum hoses are attached to the printer cap. I put a fresh maintenance cartridge in the printer and have rune two power clean cycles. There is waste ink in the maintenance cartridge, so I know it is pulling ink trough the heads.
When I do a nozzle check, nothing is printing.
Do you have any thoughts as to what the issue might be?
Thank you very much for your assistance with this. I appreciate it very much!!
Have a great day. Take care and stay well.