Cleaning the Caping Station and it won't go back in correctly

While watching your video on how to clean your Epson 3880 printer I am having a problem with step one. I filled the capping station with the cleaning fluid as instructed. Pressing down gently to absorb the fluid and residue, that seemed to work fine. However as I released pressure the capping station stuck at an angle. I then pressed gently back down to make the capping station flat again and while releasing pressure the capping station came back up but now is no longer attached to the part or channel that was holding it in place. It seems to be floating on its spring and tubes that are connected to the bottom of the capping station. I cannot seem to get it back into place as it was before I started. I did precisely what the video instructed me to do. Can you please advise me how to put the capping station back into place.


You should try pushing down and to the right (looking from the front of the printer). The video advises about pushing to the right to prevent it from disengaging.

yes, it’s important to push towards the right to help prevent the tabs from coming unhooked. What you’ll need to do is follow the repair manual to take off the printer cover to access the capping station with both hands, then reposition the capping station on the spring and slide tabs into place. Another option is to bring your printer to your local repair center, if you don’t feel comfortable working on it yourself (though it’s not difficult, as long as you follow the repair guide and keep track of parts so you can put everything back together again).

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I’m using a 1400, by the way, and I know this group is for the 3800 series. But since your post popped up under “current threads”, and was exactly the thread I was looking for, I came here. Hope that’s ok.

I’ve been wondering too, which way was “right” when pushing down the capping station. So it’s to your right as you stand in front of the printer. I was being very cautious about pressing it down just a bit without going to the right because it wasn’t clear which way “right” was. Afterwards my station too was tilted just a bit, but I powered up the printer anyway… and it straightened out. So I guess I’m ok.

I’m also having trouble raising the wiper blade. I can’t get my fingernail under it, but I was able to catch the edge of something that turned out not to be the wiper blade. It was a small white flexible rectangle (to the lower right of the wiper blade handle) and when I raised it a small projection came out of a hole. When I realized I was working on the wrong thing, I put the little rectangle back in its place. I hope I didn’t do any damage.

Hard to explain all this in words!

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I managed to get the piece the has the filters clean and back into place. There is a small T like piece of plastic on the right hand side of that part that goes underneath and into a slot. So Yes carful attention needs to be paid to pushing gently down and to the RIGHT. Otherwise it will (as was in my case) come out and that part will come out. Now I know hot to get that out if I ever need to replace it.

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I found an answer to accessing my wiper blade. I bent about 1/4" at a right angle to a straightened end of a paper clip. I hooked that under the blade’s end simply pulled it up to where I was able to clean it. Sure enough, it needed it all right. That, plus other tips in your video, gave me a clean nozzle check this am. Yahoo!