Convert M & LM carts from 3800 to 3880

Hello All,
My 3800 is dying and I have a 3880 on its way. Can I convert my Magenta and Light Magenta carts by getting new chips or do I have to replace the carts?

Yes, all you need is the OEM chip from the 3880 and the VM/VLM control chip from us.


Thanks, Walker! I went ahead and ordered the actual carts instead of just the control chips. I’ll soon be attempting to replace the black ink switch and the dampers on my 3800 as well as the 3880 I just acquired. Any words of wisdom will be appreciated.

You might find this thread from 2013 useful. Don’t let the thread title mislead you. It ended up being a full ink system replacement. 3800 LC channel completely missing - InkjetMall Customer Support / Printer Maintenance & Cartridges - InkjetMall Community
I’ve done it twice, but it’s been a while.


Yes, that was very informative, very useful. I went ahead and ordered the full ink system assembly from Compass Micro. From what I could find the cost of the black ink switch and the new dampers nearly added up to the full assembly. ($176). Thanks for the link. I will report back on how it goes.