Cleaning the capping station after a clog, shows that the right side of it takes a few minutes to drain the PZF


The left side of the capping station drain the PZF in a few minutes, while the right side took near 15 minutes. I made 3 attempts with the syringe, each with 5 minutes between them.
How much time should it takes, to drain the solution ?
Is it a good idea to use something stronger such as windex , to try to unclog the right side of the capping station ?
This is on a 3880, 5 years old with just 856 prints.


Dear @luc , most likely you have a bunch of dried crud on this side of the capping station. You may need to put something closer to SimpleGreen on top of the capping station to get rid of it. Put simple green on there and then do a cleaning right away. This will get it worked through.



Thanks Walker, but can you be more specific on the procedure to follow to “do a cleaning right away” ?


After filling the capping station w/ the cleaning fluid, flip the top of the printer back down and run a print-head cleaning as soon as possible.



Thanks Walker for your quick response.
I suppose you don’t use a bounty towel to dry the area to allow the pump suction when doing a printhead cleaning to suck the SimpleGreen to the waste tank, helping to restore the vacuum of the pump .


You may be interested in this thread: Epson-3880-capping-station-not-draining - revisited



Thanks again for the link