Epson-3880-capping-station-not-draining - revisited


Following on from this topic:

Our 3880 performed flawlessly for 5 years but recently we started seeing blotching and contamination of prints. I attempted to wash the capping station with spray-and-wipe cleaner but the fluid was not draining from the left-hand pad. I opened up the printer housing and removed the whole cap unit, then dismantled the little pump. I was able to flush the crud out of the tubes using a syringe with warm water and detergent - see photo attached. Now our printer is again working beautifully.

Cleaning the capping station after a clog, shows that the right side of it takes a few minutes to drain the PZF

Congrats! Mind if I reference this image in future when I tell people how the peristaltic pump/tubes inside the cleaning assembly can go funky?



Absolutely! - another photo attached of dissassembly and cleanup.

3880 ink not flowing