Cart chip resetter and R2000

Some time ago I purchased the updated auto-reset refillable carts for my R2000, replacing the ones with battery I had purchased before. The new cars are significantly better: better built, higher capacity, more regular ink flow.

To avoid refilling one cart at a time, I also bought the chip resetter ( However, it doesn’t seem to work: it flashes red a couple of times, then steady red for a second, then off. No stable green and no reset.

Has anyone tried using this chip resetter with the new R2000 carts sold by InkjetMall? Is it mine that is defective, or it is not compatible (though the page says it is)?

We had a similar discussion recently about the P400, the successor to the R2000. Unless the new resetter referred to in that thread has arrived, then my understanding is that the website is still in error. There isn’t a chip resetter for either of these printers. I believe that the resetter was for the chips for older printers, like the R1900, R2400 and R2880. It may still work on the R1430.

Thanks Brian for the info. Not being able to manually reset the carts is inconvenient and a waste of ink, but the new carts are so much better than the old ones that it is worth switching to them anyways.

I hope anyone who has an R2000 reads this thread, because the product description states that the resetter is compatible with R2000.

I’m getting to the bottom of this. It may have been a website change that propagated automatically a while ago. yikes.