P400 carts not resetting


If these work similarly to the 1430 carts, refilling before the printer tells you to will not reset the chip. It will only “auto-reset” after reporting that it is empty. I tried doing this little dance for a while and it was ridiculous. The chip resetter will allow you to reset the chips when you refill the carts. It’s a much better way to go.


I refilled my carts one at a time as I do not have a chip resetter yet, it’s on the way. The carts are not resetting. Only the GO and the PK have reset. I have only done two test prints since refilling and now I am getting micro lining on my prints before the GO. Just like might happen with an OEM close to empty cart. Should I hold off on printing further until my resetter gets here?


Cart chip resetter and R2000

Thank you for the information. I will wait until my resetter arrives to continue printing then.

How many times can you manually reset the chips before having to buy new chips/carts?



Is there a chip resetter for IJM P400 chips?


The Epson driver for my P400 did not alert me that two of my inks were empty. I only found out in the middle of a print when the ink light came on and stopped my print job on my P400.



The chips don’t actually read the ink level. None of them do, not even the Epson chips. It’s just an estimate. Epson chips are extremely conservative about this to avoid running dry, at the cost of a significant amount of ink often remaining in the carts when the chip reads empty.

Before getting the resetter, I felt lucky if a negative printed entirely without a “cartridge error” (the actual message I get on the 1430, may be different on other printers) during printing. Sometimes the cart needs refilling sometimes not. But the message means that the cart has automatically reset and now needs to be pulled and replaced so that the printer recognizes it.

You can anticipate to some degree when a cartridge will reset by checking ink levels in the Printer Utility Status Monitor before printing. If something shows close to empty, whether or not it actually is, there is a chance it will reset during a print. Unfortunately, the only way to avoid this is to use a chip resetter.

My advice is to always top off all the ink cartridges before a printing session, and to use the chip resetter at the same time. Do not rely on the ink level indicators to be accurate. Keep track of your own ink usage so you know what to expect. My work uses shades 4 and 3 more rapidly than others, then 5 and 2, and finally 6 and 1. Yours may differ.

I know this is a nuisance, but it is the price of circumventing all the obstacles that Epson throws in our way for using 3rd party inks.



This is the one that I purchased through IJM. It was under the accessories section when I did the shop by printer section.





Thank you for your response. I will see what Walker has to say about the restores.



Thank you. I will keep all of this in mind. It is well worth having to reset chips and use piezo for my work as opposed to using epson inks.




Under the product overview for the P400 carts it states that they can be either auto reset or the manual chip resetter can be used. But I will still wait for a response from Walker.




Haven’t seen that. I’m a little surprised if that’s the case, but rather pleasantly so.


At the moment we do not have a chip resetter for the P400. They exist but they are so rare that they are prohibitively expensive to purchase, sell, and support. We are researching this.

But . . . these high-capacity cartridges that we sell are much larger than the other style (approx 25mL as apposed to 12.5 mL). Because of this extra capacity, they end up resetting at greater distances from each-other meaning the cartridges will not cause a “cascade” of resets like the smaller format ones (tldr: these larger cartridges get/read low at different times).

It’s worth it to note that small format epson cartridges have the same flaw unless you pre-emptively replace your carts when they are reading near low instead of letting the printer pause in the middle of a print. (This wastes ink as putting the old cart back in that was reading low usually causes a cleaning and will then totally empty that low cart making you unable to print.)


Manual Chip Resetter for P400 Carts

So. I should refill before the epson driver reads low? I had to refill my GO, and two other shades as they were reading empty. The were not empty but close enough for the epson driver to read them as such. The only cart that reset itself was the GO and now I have 4 other carts that are reading empty and I know that they are over half full. Not sure what to do at this point. I have a run of 75 prints and proofs that I am needing to print this week in order to get my prints to my book maker. I can print at this point. However I am now getting micro banding as when I was not when I first installed the carts with full ink levels. And my shade 5 cart is reading empty but it is full at the moment. I am afraid to print anything.



Do we know whether that resetter works for the latest IJM carts, released recently (last year?)?

I have that chip resetter, or one very much like it, for my R1900 and it also worked for my R2880. I agree with everything Keith says - having carts with chips that only auto-reset and which can’t be manually reset is a pain and I dread going back to that arrangement. Manual reset is great!

But I thought that resetter was for the an older generation IJM cartridge and chip. I was under the impression that it didn’t work for the new generation carts and chips and especially not for the newer P series printers. If I’m right then at best the chips won’t reset, but at worst you could fry the chips.

I’d advise waiting until Walker can confirm whether that resetter works for the P400 carts and the other newer IJM carts. If it doesn’t then the website needs a big, bold warning.



Apparently the chip resetter will not work, according to Walker, with the P400 carts. Looks like I wasted my money on it and the expedited shipping. Oh well. I am the only one at fault here. I should have posted whether or not the chip resetter would have worked before purchasing it in haste. Lesson learned. I will ask and wait for a response next time. I fell kind of stupid right about now.



Hi Christopher,
I just came across this discussion. I was under the impression that the inkjetmall chip resetter for Epson small format printers does NOT work for the P400, which is why the P400 is not listed in the resetter’s Compatibility tab and why it does not appear on the P400 accessories page. In fact, the resetter’s Compatibility tab explicitly says “Will not work with P400.”

Are you saying that it DOES work? If so, is there something about the way it works that might explain why inkjetmall disavows it?

I also see on the P400 cartridge page “Can also be reset with an optional chip resetter.” I have a feeling IJM initially offered the chip resetter as a P400 accessory and later discovered problems with it, so they pulled the recommendation.

Incidentally, I’m new to piezography and just bought a P400. Without a chip resetter, I fear that using the P400 (and being at the mercy of the printer to tell me when to add ink) will be a nightmare.