7900 printer will not recognize InkJetMall cart. w Piezo Flush Solution

I have a clogged LC ink nozzle on my Epson 7900 & have tried all the traditional methods to clear it, with no luck. I have an InkJetMall cartridge full of Piezo Flush Solution, but I cannot get the printer to recognize the cartridge, so, I cannot perform the flush. I have reset the chip on the cart and that did not help. Any & all suggestions will be much appreciated. Mark Weidman

Whoops - I think I realized the problem. The cart. with the Piezo Flush I tried is a LLK cart. So, I ordered a LC Cart with a fresh bottle of Flush and hopefully that will clear the nozzle.

Just FYI, piezoflush will work for actually clogged nozzles. But on these model printers (about 1/2 the time) it’s often a burned out nozzle (especially if the nozzle “clog” is showing in the middle area of the nozzle check).

I don’t want to dash your hopes, but it may be a burned out head and a damper assembly that needs replacement. You are going down the right path to work on fixing the simplest problem first (clog).


Thanks for the response Walker. Yes, the clog is showing in the middle area of the LC nozzle check. The odd thing is the first nozzle check was fine, I made a few prints then later did another nozzle check, when the problem appeared. I should have the piezoflush solution soon and will keep my fingers crossed. Mark

I received the Piezo Flush solution & cartridge for my 7900. Unfortunately there was no syringe tip/adapter which is necessary to bleed the solution from the cartridge, so I used one from the Light Cyan ink & hope that is OK.

I started the 7900 in the Maintenance Mode and then in the Menu > Cleaning > ran “Init. Fill”. I was surprised it takes only seconds to run this so ran it twice.

I then went back into the Cleaning Menu & found the tool to clean pairs of ink nozzles. But, under that menu there are four options; CL1, CL2, CL3 & CL4. Are these “strengths” of cleaning with CL4 being the most powerful? I want to be sure to introduce the Piezo Flush into the nozzle so ran both CL1 and CL4. Now I wait 48 hours for the Piezo Flush to hopefully clear the nozzle. Suggestions/comments would be welcome. Mark Weidman

It is totally ok to use any tip from a previous ink cartridge to do the priming. (we just re-use these after rinsing them off at the R&D lab)

Make sure you have an empty waste ink tank before doing an initial fill, otherwise it will just blank out and without doing anything after hitting “enter” to start the initial fill.