4900 Carts not resetting after refilling

Hi Pradip,

I found this Instruction:

“Remove all cartridges and turn the printer off for at least five minutes. The printer will indicate “NO cartridges” after turning back on, reinstall all carts so they lock snugly into place and close the cartridge bay doors.”

One further thought, along the lines of resetting pram and such on the computer, actually disconnect the power cord for several minutes after pulling carts and turning power off. Then plug back in and continue as quoted above. I don’t have a 4900 and have no idea if it will make any difference.


Hello all - Have had good use from my set of refillable cartridges for a 4900 printer, and I just refilled all of them to the max-fill line. From all I can gather online, it seems these cartridges should automatically indicate as 100% full once a print is run through. But I keep seeing just the same levels in all cartridges as prior to refilling. Have referred to this conversation: Reset chip for 4900 cart
Have tried each of the following without any change in the level indicator:
-power off and on several times
-sent a file to print
-sent file to print, then opened ink cartridge doors, popped each cart out and pushed back in, re-powered due to error message

I’m sure I am missing an obvious step. Any ideas?

Hey Pradip. There is no level gauge on these carts (or any epson or refillable epson cart). This is all done in the chip. As the printhead moves across the paper, it sends signals to the chip to incrementally lower it’s “fill” level. On this ARC chips, they get down to a very low level and then they will simply reset (admittedly pausing whatever print is running) at which point you pop the cart out, fill it, put it back in, and it registers as full.

There is no way to manually reset these 49xx chips for various reasons the main being the battery-style chips are no longer able to be imported into the US.


Thanks for this Keith. I ran the routines suggested here, but with no change in the ink levels. Also tried the power-off and unplug cycle, without success.

Thanks Walker! It seems I’ll just wait until the levels fall very low and see what happens. If anyone else is going through this, I suggest that a close watch, manually, is kept on ink levels since what is indicated in the readout may be different from actual ink levels. In my case, I am on the safe side of this discrepancy because I just filled all my tanks to the max, but the readouts are far below 100%. I’ll report back as to what actually happens. Thanks again!