3880 color shift



I have switched all but C M Y to Inkjet Carts. Up until last night print quality was fine. Then somewhere along the line the prints started to shift to a green yellow. This is repeted of many different files all of which I have printed with the same set / up settings before and can compare print to print. The Nozzle Check pattern is fine.

I am not sure if this has any effect or is just coincedence but in the past few days I have been switching Matte / Photo Black.


Are you printing from Mac or Windows?
What operating system version?
What application and version are you printing from?
Can you please photograph or scan a recently printed nozzle check, and attach it for me to see?
What paper(s) are you printing on?
Are you using our CCP-3880 profiles, or the standard Epson profiles?

Please let me low so I can help you resolve this and get back to happily printing.
Thanks~ Dana


I am printing from Mac osx 10.8.5

Printing on Red River + Ilford and using thier profiles how ever none of the variables changed between these prints. Basically same paper same same software (lightroom) its just at one point the color shifted greenish. The color difference is not like the difference beteen different papers or setting was very noticable. I know the file is alright and has not changed because I printed it at a place today and the color was correct. Could this be an issue with preasure in the Carts? They did work work and then a day ago it went south.


I can seem to upload the jpep to pist it here



We cover that too!


Yes I can get it to attach and upload but then there is a '!" nexty to the photo and it will not allow me to put in


Yes I can get it to attach and upload but then there is a “!” next to the photo and it will not allow me to put it in the text box.


maybe it is too large? Reduce to 1200 pixels?? What size is yours?


Its 74kb …… 720x540….maybe you have email?


your nozzle check looks good. thanks for sending that - sorry you could not upload it.

Are you printing from Mac or Windows?
What operating system version?

Can you send screen shots of your workflow (print settings and printer settings) to the same email address as before.


I can send them off but what I was mentioning to Dana was that Nothing has changed in the settings except maybe paper size. I did do a bit of Matte Black and Photo Black switching which this seems to have occured after that. I dont think its realated but it was somethign different. Also I noticed that Photo Black andLight black were pretty low. I didnt know if that might effect the preasure in the tank rducing flow or something? I dont know but those are two things that were occuring around that time. But I am not sure how the blacks would effect a green shift.


Is it worth while using some sort of calibration tool like Datacolor’s to see more accuratly see what is happening?



No! No need to. I already spot a ton of things in the workflow images you sent. I just want to see how you are using the ICC profile. Please send the Print Window settings next.


Only here for another hour and hoping you will send the screen shots where you are selecting the ICC profile. I will be able to set you straight after receiving those.


Thanks this was very helpful to understand what is happening with your system. You are doubling up color management and the files are being converted twice.

I have attached the screenshots you sent me.

you have selected the RR ICC profile. This is good.

This needs to be changed to color management off. What is happening instead is that your image file is being converted in Lightroom to the RR ICC and then converted a second time here prior to printing. So your original color which you like has not been arrived at by correct color workflow. You may like it - but it will not be repeatable with ConeColor because ConeColor is a color managed ink set reliant on using the Epson RGB printer driver correctly (which you have not).

These settings will not be available to you once you have color management turned off!

You want to select the ICC profile and print to the Epson printer driver using the settings that RR provided you. They would have indicated which media setting to use and to turn off color management at the driver. If they told you to print this way - I will be very, very surprised by that. If they have please send me their documentation.


I have given this a try in my trouble shooting. I will try it again and report back. But the LR screenshot you posted is the first one I sent a while ago to show Dana the ICC profile. What I sent you yesterday has the color [B]managed by the printer[/B]. So typically it is not using the ICC profile in my normal work flow. However since the color changed started to occur I have tried verious options and had the same results.

The other part I think that you keep missing is that nothing has changed in my print set up. I have consistantly managed the color through the print driver and achived good results and then bad results. My work flow has not changed but the print color has changed.

The thing to is that you [B]can not use [/B]both the ICC profile and the epson controls. When you turn off printer management and have LR manage the color using the ICC profile the epson contols are locked out as you pointed out so this double conversion I dont think is even alowed by the printer, which you pointed out.

I just printed the file useing the ICC profile and the same thing occured. This print was printed at one time with correct color but something in the printer changed. This print was also taken to another printer after the shift occured and printed as it was supposed to be.

You are 100% sure this is not related to the ink or carts? There is no mechanical issue here?


You wrote me:

The attached is what I sent yesterday and how I am usually set up and what it looked like when things worked. I have printed both ways use in the ICC profiles and not using them. I am getting the same shift in color. I just ran a print using the ICC profile again as you described in the forum and the same thing has happened.

I think that you are indicating that no matter if you print correctly or incorrectly you see the same results. So, that would not be consistent with how the Epson printer driver works. When you turn on color management at the driver and you turn it off at the driver - the outputs would be dramatically different from each other. You say they are the same. So, this would indicate that your printer driver is not working consistently (if you are using it correctly), and that you will need to reinstall the latest Epson printer driver. This adds another layer of complication in trying to assist you. I am trying to help you - but you are all over the map (as they say…)

Again…To use the Epson printer with ICCs profiles, you must follow the instructions supplied by Epson. My instructions to you previously are in accordance with that best practices method. A custom ICC Printer Profile is selected in the Application (Lightroom). Color management is turned off at the printer driver. What you indicate you are doing is that you are either not selecting the custom ICC Printer Profile or you are selecting it but not turning off color management at the driver. Both are incorrect.

What you call ‘things working’ is not being produced from a correct workflow - but it produces color that you like. Our inks work with color management. You are not using color management. If you use color management - the color produced will be correct. However, it will not match what you “liked” with your incorrect workflow.

So your options are to continue in the seat of the pants method that you have been employing and find some new experimental way to work with the new ink set - or to follow our instructions and use color management correctly. Unfortunately, the images you have been printing have been done with an experimental workflow. This puts you in a very difficult position to continue with these images over a long period of time in which you will either change inks or change printers. My recommendation for you is to adopt correct printing technique that uses color management properly. I hope that you will!


From what you are saying here I turn on color management in the LR print window to the ICC profile and it should which it has not. The color no matter what method I used was very consitant. Weather Epson Managed or LR managed with ICC. The difference was nothing like what I see now. I will reload the print drivers and see if this corrects the issue. You continue to make it sound like I am just randomly doing things which I am not. What I was doing was consitant. If using the epson controls to achive what I wanted was the [B]wrong[/B] way to do is not so relivant. The point is that it was consitantly done the same way and somewhere the print color changed. This would lead me to belive that there is something other than the color settings that has changed.

If these inks are consistant with Epson inks they should not need special attention? I am not even blaming the inks themselves because I got the same good results using them. My process whether “right or wrong” was the same and has been the same. Your responses have all sort of pointed to this random approch to the printing that has achived the random results. I am getting the same results prior to the change in color and after the change in color. Proper color managment is that what prints looks like it does on my screen and looks like it does on my screen when I go to another printer. What ever I was doing produced consistant results that not only worked with my printer but workd outside as well.

This is why I keep asking if you are 100% sure there is no mechanical issues going on. Everytime I mention this no one seems to respond to it and continues to try and make it sound like there is some chaotic color managment work flow. I will reload the Print driver and see if that helps. Based on what you are saying if I let LR use the ICC profile with Color managment off in the printer I should get the corect color. And if what is coming out is “correct” then my monitor is totally off and has been for a long time. It would also imply that other printers I use for larger versions of the same files are mangeing thier color incorrectly as well and getting the same results I use to get.


To clarify…when I print using my normal work flow (the wrong way) I am currently getting a color shift. When I print using the ICC profile from in LR I am still getting the same color shift over all. The print itself is slightly different but none the less the over color in both set ups is shifted to green. This up until 3 days ago was not the case. Something has changed and it has not been my work flow. Nor is my work flow producing vastly different results even now. Meeaning changing who manages the color does not change the difference in the print significantly. There is no difference in what I am doing now from what I did three days ago or for that matter a year ago. or 4 years ago.


We make a match to Epson inks when used with the Epson recommended best practices, because we matched Epson color gamut using their RGB driver and recommended color managed workflow. You can use the product any way you wish to of course. I was trying to assist you believing it to be a color management issue because of the screen shots you sent. You do not appear to be using color management correctly from what you have shared with me. Whether you are allowing LR or Epson to manage it - in both cases you have not performed that correctly. So, that is why I keep urging you to use our product as it is designed.

Yes of course you may have some mechanical issues and I do not mean to ignore that.

If you would like us to see if there are some mechanical issues - we will be happy to do that for you. Please send us a manual nozzle check, and a print out of the ink separation page using QuadTone RIP and this instructions. The latter is critical and the only way to separate each print head as a printed result. We will measure the results of your ink output in comparison to our own standards. We will let you know if the ink in each of your cartridges is the correct ConeColor ink and your printer is producing it consistently with what we expect. Please mark what positions are ConeColor and what positions remain as Epson. You indicated that C M Y are still Epson. You can send us 2 or 3 unprinted sheets of the same Red River paper so that we can duplicate on our end. I do not mean to ignore the issues you are requesting support on. Please send these to us at:

c/o Dana Ceccarelli
17 Powder Spring Road
Topsham, Vermont 05076

Sorry to frustrate you over your use of CM.