3880 clogging black channel only

The black channel is the culprit here. It has been clogging for years.

It will clear after one or two head cleanings. This is always the case. I’ve been using inkjetmall inks for maybe a decade and other than the black channel problem, all is mostly well (mostly well being that when starting printer up, it often just powers off again).

I have performed a disassembly of the printer and cleaned per instructions I had found somewhere on the web, maybe here, but didn’t actually fully disassemble the printheads. I used piezo flush and replaced the maint. cart. I ran the printhead assembly loaded with piezo flush over the printheads by sliding the assembly back and forth over the prescribed paper towels. It did not solve my black ink problem. Of course the frustrating part is every time I need my printer. I have to perform a cleaning to clear black channel. Ink goes fast doing this.

What do I need to clean or replace to get my printer healthy again?

Thanks for your help.

you need a new ink supply unit (or a used 3880 with a good ink supply unit)

Most likely it’s the black ink switch damper which is the problem.


The price at that link is absurdly high. Try one of these:



This is a fairly involved project, but definitely manageable if you are mechanically inclined and can follow some fairly convoluted instructions in the Epson Service Manual and Field Repair Guide. I did it once (successfully) several years ago and posted about it here:


I ended up giving that printer to a friend who got another 4-5 years of life from it. Good luck if you choose to go forward with the procedure. :wink:


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Thanks folks. I’m going to order one today. Worth it if it solves the problem and worth it still as I don’t wish to spend >$1K dollars plus daughter board for another printer.

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