Yes, I still am using it



StudioPrint v12 and Epson 9800, currently Piezotone inks switching to K7 inks. I believe that v12 is the last version that supported black inks and individual ink channel controls.


We use v12 here with our 7880s’ and 9880s’ occasionally for Piezography printing (though mainly use QuadTone RIP). I don’t know if later versions provide the support you need or not, and recommend you ask ErgoSoft.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:


Been down that road, support ended at v12 for Piezotone/Piezography from Ergosoft. It does work fine although.


I use v14, but still have v12 installed. Only reason is… after all the fuss we raised some years ago when they took away a layered dot option in some update… we screamed enough and sent enough samples to convice we needed it back and they gave it. But now again in v14 it’s gone, so I have to make those environments in v12 then import them to v14… a pain…
But I use the rip every day for both color and B&W… I don’t know what I’d do without it…


Thanks for your input Tyler!! :slight_smile:


I should add that v14 does support multiple black mono environments as before, just that Epson made them stop for models after the x800s, but we all knew that anyway… the only other differences from v12 are the layered option previously mentioned, and the new dot controls suck. So setting up environments in v12 the importing to v14 is still often best… also v14 supports the Isis. There was a problem with any i1 device linearizing a mono environment in v14, it would crash the RIP, that has been fixed.


You can fool StudioPrint to printing to the X880s by just selecting the X800 environment. They are the exact same “driver” in StudioPrint. We run our 7880s this way.

Before Epson stepped in, we could run the X900 printers… :frowning:


Hi Jon, yes that is what I’m doing here with my 9880 and I hope it’s widely known so others realize they can get newer printers to work well with the RIP and your inks. Great printer, most problem free EVER!


Hi, I’m thinking to get 3880 and I own a StudioPrint v14, can anyone clue me in on how set up environment for Piezography inks, how to assignment inks, linearize and how to use GO with SP and 3880? Basically how to make SP, 3880 and Piezography inks be friends.
Thank you


it won’t give user control of the individual channels for a monochromatic environment for a 3880, pretty sure. Besides, you have all of Jon’s great setups for qtr to use…


I’m sure setups are great, but I’m just curious how to implemented SP approach. Thank you


It’s not too difficult, but without the ability to set up a multi ink monochrome environment for the 3880 to begin with, the required settings to discuss are not even there…
Hope that makes sense…
If you select another printer in Ergosoft, even if you don’t have it, say a 7800, you’ll see you have a quadtone option to select in the setup, then in the environment itself you can select all the light blacks and assign them to cartridge positions… and go from there.