Yellow Problems

I’ve been switching over to ConeColor and was killing off the OEM Yellow tank and it finally emptied out the other day so I put in the CC cartridge and the yellow was immediately off base. Skin was oompa loompa orangy and no matter how much yellow I removed from the image I was unable to get this to change. I was printing on Moab Lasal Matte using the cck-300-moabLasalPtoMatte Icc profile. I cleaned the heads, did a nozzle check and am still having issues.


Have you printed a nozzle check to make sure all channels are printing?
Changing a cartridge/ink won’t give you immediate results, as it will take several prints for the new ink to travel thru the ink line and make it to the head to actually print on paper.

Please let me know, thanks- Dana

Since the change was immediate, that sounds like something’s wrong with the ink path. Since all you did was replace the cart, chances are there’s some kind of cartridge problem that may be preventing yellow from printing. (I’m assuming it’s not putting yellow down overly heavy, rather, not printing at all.)

Using the priming tip, suck ink out of the cartridge outlet port. Does it come out smoothly, or does a vacuum develop? If the latter, the cartridge’s venting is blocked, probably due to a manufacturing error. I had such a problem with (only) one of my (many) carts. If it does come out smoothly, you can inject it back into the cart through the normal filling hole, and I’m at a loss without more information from you.

Good luck!

Sorry, just got a chance to check back on this. I’ll try it tomorrow AM and report back.

I worked on it this AM, looks like clogged nozzles. In the process of cleaning things I bumped purge pads and now the head is stuck. It’s been a bad technology weekend. I’m going to work on it this week and will let you know if I’m able to solve the issue.


Ok, keep us posted, and I wish you luck in getting your print head un-stuck.